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New Students: Please read the terms of service on this page by registering you agree to the terms of service. If you wish to unsubscribe to the mailing list you can do so when you receive your confirmation email.

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  • Mondays

    • 4 Salsa

    • 11 Bachata​

    • 18 Cha-cha

    • 25 Merengue

  • Tuesdays

    • 5 Salsa

    • 12 Bachata​

    • 19 Cha-cha

    • 26 Merengue

  • REGISTRATION CLOSED for Wednesdays

    • 6 Salsa

    • 13 Bachata​

    • 20 Cha-cha

General Information:

  1. Lessons are around 50 minutes, 4 lessons series per month.

  2. A minimum of 10 students to start a class.

  3.  A maximum of 30 students per class.

  4. No Partner needed.

  5. Classes start the first week of the month.

  6. All group classes are $40 for (4 week series $10 pp) or $12 for a single class.

  7. Students that complete the basic class with me and want to repeat the class receive a 50% discount for the basic class.

  8. Students that complete the basic class with me and move on to the next level can repeat the basic class as many times as they like for free.

  9. Current students registered have the benefits of bringing a new student and get a $5 discount each for the 4-week series when you both sign-up.

Terms of Service:


  • PHOTO/IMAGE RELEASE: I give my consent for images (photographs, video) of me to be taken and used to document the activities of Angel Rodriguez Dance Instructor herein referred to as Salsa Guy Richmond. I grant Salsa Guy Richmond permission to use the images for educational and promotional purposes. I understand that if I do not want images of me used, I will indicate this in writing in form of a signed letter and will attach it to this document.


  • MEDICAL RELEASE: I give my permission to Salsa Guy Richmond in case of emergency, if my of the above emergency contact person cannot be contacted; give my consent for emergency medical care prescribed by a duly licensed Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Dentistry. This care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve my life, limb or well-being. I accept full responsibility for all costs of said medical care and any emergency treatments. Salsa Guy Richmond will not be responsible for the cost of any medical care or emergency treatments. I hereby waive all claims whatsoever in connection with such medical treatments.


  • WAIVER AND RELEASE: I agree that if my I engage in any physical exercise, class, or activity, or facility on the premises or any venue where I participate voluntarily for personal entertainment or as a representative of Salsa Guy Richmond, I do so at my own risk. I agree that I voluntarily participate in activities and use of said facilities, premises (including the parking lot) designated by Salsa Guy Richmond. I assume all risk of injury, illness, damage, or loss to us or our property that might result, including, without limitation, any loss or theft of any personal property.

  • I agree that this consent and assumption of risk statement covers each and every event or activity sponsored by Salsa Guy Richmond. I agree to release and discharge Salsa Guy Richmond (and your affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, successors, and assigns) from any and all claims or cause of action (known or unknown) arising out of your negligence. I acknowledge that I have carefully read this Waiver and Release and fully understand that it is a release of liability. I am waiving any right that I may have to bring legal action to assert a claim against Salsa Guy Richmond.

  • I understand that Salsa Guy Richmond charges/fees or non-refundable and are due at registration at the beginning of the class and that payments are made to Angel A. Rodriguez Serrano.


  • I understand that there will be a $25 charge for any returned checks. After two returned checks I will be required to pay all monies due in cash or money order.


  • I understand that all lost and found items will be donated after 30 days.


  • Use It or Lose It: It is the responsibility of the student to coordinate the makeup lessons.  Make-up lessons are done within one week of the missed class. Any students that do not take the lesson with the agreed time will forfeit the make makeup lesson. There are no refunds for missed or forfeited lessons.


  • In the event Salsa Guy Richmond needs to cancel and reschedule a lesson the student will make every effort possible to attend the rescheduled lesson within a week of the cancellation.  ​


  • For good and valuable consideration, including admission to, or participation in, dance and other entertainment events (“events”) sponsored by Angel A. Rodriguez Serrano, d/b/a Salsa Guy Richmond (“SGR”), the undersigned Attendee releases SGR from all liability for, and assigns permission to use and license, all still and moving images and sound recordings featuring the Undersigned created by SGR or his agents in connection with said events in any media and for any purpose. The Attendee agrees that SGR has all rights to said images and sound recordings for perpetuity. This agreement is irrevocable, worldwide, and perpetual.


  • As a Parent /Guardian, I understand I will be present with my child. 

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